Over the years, I've written hundreds of articles and blog posts about topics related to special needs, informal education and authentic inclusion. Here are just a few: is a part of the New York Times Company, and Autism @ is a medically reviewed website, blog, forum and newsletter featuring hundreds of articles and thousands of blog posts on topics related to all aspects of life on the spectrum.

We homeschooled our son, Tom, for four years. Explore this archived blog which includes two years of lessons, activities, resources and ideas for homeschooling a child with a unique learning style.

As a museum professional, I've written and consulted on authentic inclusion.  This article in the American Association of Museum's journal Museum News offers museum professionals tools, resources and reasons to make inclusion a reality.

How can you teach a child who isn't a verbal learner?  Try museums, nature centers, zoos, gardens... or almost anywhere except the classroom.  Explore this article in Autism Aspergers Digest to learn more.

The Bottom Line: Getting Out And Exploring With Your Child With Autism May Be Easier Than You Think 
This article in Baltimore's Child Magazine includes an excerpt from my book on the topic, and explores the question of how and why to get out into the world with your child on the autism spectrum.

Explore this blog post on the Jessica Kingsley Publishers site to find a collection of tips and ideas for finding community settings where your child - and your family - can grow and thrive.

Inclusive Education and the Child with Autism
What do kids with unique learning styles need to succeed in school?  Here are some insights from the Newsletter of the Asperger Syndrome Alliance for Greater Philadelphia.