About Me

Lisa Jo Rudy

I'm the former About.com Guide to Autism, and the author of Get Out, Explore and Have Fun (Jessica Kingsley, 2010), a book about autism in the community. I presently write regularly for Autism After 16, a website dedicated to the needs of teens and adults on the spectrum.  In addition to my writing, I'm also a consultant on alternative learning styles and community inclusion, and the author of numerous articles on informal education and learning. 

In addition to my work focused specifically on autism and learning differences, I'm a veteran writer and consultant with more than 20 years of experience. My credits include trade books for adults and children; educational publications for print and web; curricula, exhibit labels, articles, scripts and major grant proposals. My clients include museums, universities and publishers, as well as federal agencies and educational institutions such as the National Science Foundation and the Smithsonian Institution.

Authentic Inclusion

Typically, "inclusion" means "putting a person with disabilities, challenges, delays or learning differences in a typical setting and hoping for the best."  Authentic inclusion is a very different matter.  Authentic inclusion involves finding and/or creating settings in which individuals with all kinds of learning styles, talents and abilities can build on strengths. When we find ourselves in a setting where we can shine, we can build true connections and community, inspire genuine respect, and know that we are truly valued for who we are and what we can do.

As the mother of a teen with significant social, communication and learning differences, I've had the opportunity to both create and witness the amazing impact of authentic inclusion in a wide range of settings.  Whether in the natural world, musical ensemble, a sporting event, an art show or even in a virtual world,  individuals with every kind of challenge can find a place to shine.

This website is dedicated to inspiring, supporting and building authentic inclusion in every part of our world.