Inclusion and the Left Hind Leg of the Cricket

So you think no one in the whole wide world could possibly be fascinated with the left hind leg of the cricket?  Or the Academy Award-winning animation in a 1940 Walt Disney short feature?   Or the relationship between Sponge Bob and Squidward?

Think again.  If you, or someone you know, is fascinated by a topic that doesn't happen to fall into the realm of the "typical," you'll almost certainly find that you're not alone

While "normal" folks believe that the world revolves around spectator sports, office politics and water coolers, the rest of the world knows that there's much more to life.  For every passion there are a world of people who study, research, debate and work in the field.

Think crickets are boring?  Plenty of folks would disagree.
At this very moment, a biologist in the field is  getting up close and personal as he studies the habits of crickets.

Right now, somewhere in a museum, a paleontologist (along with a posse of volunteers and interns) is painstakingly cleaning the 8th vertebrae of a dinosaur.

As I write, a social historian is analyzing the characters in Disney's animated classics.

Somewhere out there, a group of train spotters is poring over a schedule, reviewing the details of a locomotive engine, or pulling out binoculars to check the number on a passing train.

My point here is simple.  Somewhere out there, whether at a museum, a university, a club or an online community, there are people who share the interests of children and adults who "think differently."  Rather than forcing everyone to cherish the ordinary, perhaps it would be easier...  more productive...  and a whole lot more fun... to help each individual find others who love what they love.

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